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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The 'Democracy!' fetishists will not stand for this

via Vox Day: Europe's tide turns -- "Voters in Switzerland have narrowly approved a rightwing proposal to curb immigration. It imposes limits on the number of foreigners allowed in and may signal an end to the country’s free movement accord with the European Union. The initiative was approved by just 50.3% of the votes [emphasis mine] and was passed by a majority of cantons."

You just *know* that the 'Democracy!' fetishists are going to declare this vote to be totally invalid and not at all *really* "the will of The People" ... I mean, how could it be, given that *they* are The Voice of The People are they're agin' it? Of course, even had the vote been 100% for the proposal, they'd be saying that.

Oh, and by the way, when this co-called news article calls this "a rightwing proposal", what they mean is "to the right of Lenin and Stalin, in the same sense that Hitler, being a National Socialist, was 'to the right' of these International Socialists."