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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Better than chocolate

Mark Steyn: A Man Alone -- [warning: language alert] --
A few years back, I wrote about how The Joke, Milan Kundera's great novel of the pitfalls of ideologically unsound gags in Communist Eastern Europe, now applied far more to those of us in the western world. So, for Valentine's Day, a reminder to the menfolk out there never to fall for that old favorite from the small ads and dating agencies - the woman looking for a man with a "good sense of humor":

In 2011, Surgery News, the official journal of the American College of Surgeons, published a piece by its editor-in-chief, Lazar Greenfield, examining research into the benefits to women of . . . well, let Dr. Greenfield explain it:
They found ingredients in semen that include mood enhancers like estrone, cortisol, prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin; a sleep enhancer, melatonin; and, of course, sperm, which makes up only 1%-5%. Delivering these compounds into the richly vascularized vagina also turns out to have major salutary effects for the recipient.
As this was the Valentine's issue, Dr. Greenfield concluded on a "light-hearted" note:
Now we know there's a better gift for that day than chocolates.
Oh, my. When the complaints started rolling in from lady doctors, Surgery News withdrew the entire issue. All of it. Gone. Then Dr. Greenfield apologized. Then he resigned as editor. Then he apologized some more. Then he resigned as president-elect of the American College of Surgeons. The New York Times solemnly reported that Dr. Barbara Bass, chairwoman of the department of surgery at Methodist Hospital in Houston, declared she was "glad Dr. Greenfield had resigned." But Dr. Colleen Brophy, professor of surgery at Vanderbilt University, said "the resignation would not end the controversy."

Dr. Greenfield was one of the most eminent men - whoops, persons - in his profession, and, when it comes to vascularized vaginas, he had the facts on his side. But, like Ludvik, the protagonist of Kundera's novel, he made an ideologically unsound joke, and so his career had to be ended. No apology would cut it, so the thought police were obliged to act: To modify the old line, the operation was a complete success, and the surgeon died. ...
You know, men, perhaps, just maybe, one very important reason that Western women, almost all of them, are so hateful (and so miserable in their "freedom") and so gleeful to see a man, any man, destroyed, is because *you* have been using women as sterile cum-dumps -- you have embraced-and-acted-upon the lies of the "Sexual Revolution", knowing them to be lies. You have willfully, indeed gleefully, made of yourself nothing more than a hard-on, and have turned women, all women, including the one you finally married, and your daughters, into nothing more than cunts. Fucking a sheet of rubber, even it there is a cunt wrapped around it, is not the same as making love to the wife with whom you have mutually committed your lives.

To put it another way, perhaps one very important reason that Western women, almost all of them, are willingly voting with their lives and actions (and votes in the voting booth) to destroy Western civilization is because *you* did so first, when you choose to use women as things, rather than to treat then as persons ... and as women.


Drew said...

I don't even understand why they were offended.

Ilíon said...

Because he had the audacity to mention that women can benefit in any way at all from association with men.

Ilíon said...

Women (*) and children (**) benefit from the mere physical presence of men -- that truth is a great enough hatefact to set off the man-hating lesbians of feminism. But Greenfield dared to say something far worse, from a lesbian point of view, and to add insult, he dared to find it amusing.

(*) our presence acts to even-out the emotional roller coaster that most women are on

(**) children who live with a single woman suffer abuse, both physical and mental, at a significantly higher rate than those who live with their father and mother, or for that matter, a committed/permanent step-father and their mother.