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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A fruit of leftism-feminism

Bob Parks: An Innocent Man Escapes Jail Time In NJ -- Thank God! Watching the video, every rational-and-honest being can see just how close those cops came to murdering than man in cold blood. I consider it a minor miracle that they did not.

Thank God that the second video surfaced. Thank God that the prosecutors, for a change, had enough regard for the truth and for actual justice, or at least regard for their own reputations, to behave as though they understood that a "criminal justice system" that is about anything other than justice is about injustice.

Behold the blatant dishonesty, the intellectual dishonesty of those cops ... and indeed of any number of others in that police department, for it was only with a massive collusion within the department that this bogus case could be sent to the prosecutor: for, not only did they lie in the reports they deliberately wrote and filed, not only did they lie in moving those lies through the "criminal justice system", not only were they willing and ready to lie in court, after having sworn before God to speak only the truth, but they lied at the very time they were abusively arresting Mr Jeter.

"Stop trying to take my gun!" "Stop resisting! Stop resisting!" "Why are you trying to get my fuckin' gun? Git off my gun!"

The whole purpose of these lies about him to his face -- and for punching him in the face before that -- was to try to provoke Mr Jeter into doing something that they could parlay into an excuse to kill him. I believe that with the militarization of police departments over the past couple of decades that police are now *trained* to try to provoke "over-reactions" by "civilians" and to aggravate confrontations.

The "liberals" and other leftists will, of course, blame conservatives and "racism" -- by which they mean all whites except themselves, for they alone are holy -- for all of it, including the behavior of the black cop, who appears to be the one *started* the lying abuse of Mr Jeter. But, in truth, it is the "liberals" and other leftists who are the root of this sort of thing.

There are many leftist-inspired social currents that come together to generate these sorts of incidents, but the currents I want to bring to your attention have to do with feminism ... and with the "sexual revolution" that no one is willing to abandon, even as they see its destructive fruit right before their eyes.

Think about this whole report. How did the incident start, how did these cops get involved? It started when Mr Jeter's "girlfriend", with whom he (foolishly) lives, called on the cops to take her side against him, to act as her "muscle" in some shouting-match she was having with him.

"No charges were filed, and Jeter says he left after briefly talking to officers" ... he left *his* house after his "girlfriend" called the cops to help her abuse him ... and then the cops followed him and staged and escalated a confrontation, attempting to goad him into doing *anything* to resist the injustice they were committing upon him, so as to have an excuse to murder him.

Now, certainly, there will always be some number of bully-boys within any police department, much as there will always be some number of pedophiles within any public school system. But this goes deeper than bully-boys in uniform. Whence come the social permission-and-approval to treat *every* man as automatically guilty of "abuse" anytime any "strong, independent woman" wants to play the "I'm just a poor little women, oh won't you protect me from that mean ol' meanie!?" card?

This is the fruit of leftism, and of feminism in particular. This is the fruit of the "sexual revolution" ... this is the fruit of almost everyone going along with the lies of the "sexual revolution". Ultimately, this is the fruit of American men, in general, deciding that treating American women, in general, as sluts (denying them even the dignity of being whores) would be a good thing, and of American women, in general, going along with that.

Women, it takes two to tango. Men can't treat you as sluts unless you already are sluts. If you want to stop being so miserable, you're going to have to be women, and not just females. Among other things, you're going to have to stop being sluts; you're going to have to let go the idea that you, alone of all women, have the magical pussy that gives you the power to control men.

Men, it takes two mature sexes to make a successful society, and one immature one to destroy it (*). Men, if you want to defeat the leftist war against men and masculinity, you're going to have to be men, and not just males. Among other things, you're going to have to give up, and repent of, your fornications, real and attempted; you're going to have to stop being pussy-whipped, you're going to have to stop deluding yourself that "getin' some" is the measure of a man.

(*) Also, contrary to what you have heard your entire life, it is not the case that "women civilize men". The truth is rather that men -- fathers -- civilize everyone. There is actually one truth in all the bullshit that feminists spout: patriarchy is the foundation of all civilization ... and that's a Good Thing. But civilizations cannot endure when their "men" refuse to mature and become patriarchs.

To both sexes: join the patriarchy, or die. There are no other options.