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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Wicked Thought

I had a wicked thought yesterday that I wanted to share with Gentle Reader.

One may recall a few years back that in their oppositon to the passage of NAFTA, protectionists and other Democrats warned us that the giant sucking sound we'd hear would be all our jobs going to Mexico. And I thought, "Cool! So the Mexicans will stay in Mexico!?"

Yet, somehow, here we are today: NAFTA in place and the Democrats and RINOs insisting that morality -- and the Constitution -- demand that we give US citizenship, and especially the vote ... and welfare benefits, to pretty much any Mexican who waltzes across the border. Well, at least they are (presently) for limiting the vote to those tens of millions actually on this side.

Edit: I phrased that last sentence in that precise manner because the US government is *already* giving taxpayer funds -- monies forcibly extracted from you and me under threat of violent death -- to Mexicans for Mexicans in Mexico.