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Friday, November 11, 2016

Make America Slightly Better For At Least A Little While

Criticus Ferox at Rightly Considered: Attack Until We Crack
I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves. But let’s get real now. While Trump’s victory was a tremendous achievement, the situation remains extremely grim. The election results demonstrate that basically half of the current population of America is in the grips of the left, either as zealots or complacent followers. This is the product of years of indoctrination through every major sector of American culture – the institutions of education, the arts and entertainment sectors, and the news media – which are all firmly under the control of the left. This election doesn’t change that one iota. Unless the right figures out a way to take over those institutions – something they have never done and that no one is even seriously talking about – the historic American nation is doomed. Without accomplishing that as well as dealing with the demographic issues that will tip the electorate permanently to the left, it’s far from clear that Trump will even be able to win re-election in four years, let alone put America on some kind of path to greatness. We are not even close to making America great again. The accurate campaign slogan would have instead been: Make America Slightly Better For At Least A Little While. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? ...
Attack until we crack? No! until they do. And then attack some more.

As for separation, Hell no! This is *our* country; let's not surrender *any* of it to the leftists. They are insane, let them die in the outer darkness of their insanity.

The *reason* that for over the past century the left have been wining their culture war and destroying the historic American Nation is because the right have not been fighting back, but rather constantly retreating. Look: we rightists have been lying to ourselves, albeit with a different lie, just as much as the leftists have been lying to themselves. Their lie is: If we force everyone (except The Leaders, of course) to be slaves of The State (which is to say, The Leaders), then Utopia will arrive and everyone will be free. Our lie is: If we surrender just this one more time, then they will finally leave us alone and free to live as we see fit.

The Utopia the left's useful idiots think they want can never arrive until Christ rules directly. The peace of being left alone by leftist busybodies that we rightists want can never arrive so long as there is even one leftist in a position to impose his vision of himself as The Anointed upon anyone else.