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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Video Of The Day

Bob Parks: Video Of The Day -- The choice of background music is perfect.

edit: At the same time, this video may have come from Big Brother ... in which case, it's not at all amusing, but rather chilling.


B. Prokop said...

I note that this video was taken in the UK. Just shows you how our privacy is being eliminated (in this country by google and the NSA, in that country by a bazillion "security" cameras everywhere).

I'm glad I'm an old man! I'd hate to live in a world (which is coming!) where your every move is tracked, filmed, recorded, on file somewhere.

Ilíon said...

That sheds a whole new light on it.

I just assumed that someone happened to notice and took the video with their phone.

If the video came from a "security" camera ... that strongly implies that actual government-paid eyeballs are watching the recordings even when there is no known crime being investigated.

Ilíon said...

Still, don't you think it's somewhat amusing that you're concerned about "privacy" on the public streets, yet utterly copacetic – in the name of “charity” -- with Uncle asserting ownership over every person within his grasp, including compelling us to self-incriminate at least once a year?

B. Prokop said...

I am certain that was security camera footage.

In case you didn't catch it over on Victor's site, I've sworn off politics on the internet, so I won't get drawn in with your last question.

But I am a huge worrier about privacy concerns. Especially since I really can't figure out a good solution, other than entering a monastery and withdrawing from modern society. My every move is tracked already - from my purchases at the grocery store to the tolls I pay on the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel to every word I type or search I make on the internet. Even the books I read aren't "private" anymore, since I purchase so many of them online.

In any case, this isn't a "left" or "right", liberal or conservative issue - everybody's at fault! Both government and private enterprise equally.

Ilíon said...

What? I'm supposed to pass up a golden opportunity to make you aware of yet another of the inherent-and-serious contradictions in your bundle of beliefs, just because you've decided to give up publicly attacking those who disagree with your politics?

Sure, just as with the subject of the "A Suicide Pact?" post, I don't expect you will give a great deal of thought to the contradiction I've here pointed out, but you'll give some thought to it ... which will move you, however slightly, toward the right understanding. Or you'll hunker down.