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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Socialized Medicine in Action

Here are two recent news items illustrating what really does -- and must -- go on under socialized medicine --
I want a sex change... again: Transsexual who had £10,000 surgery on NHS wants to become a man again - because being a woman is exhausting [£10,000 is currently about $16,000]

So, rather that working at trying to solve his real problem, this mentally-and-emotionally -- and spiritually -- damaged man was sexually mutilated using funds forcibly extorted from the taxpayers of Britain. Now, he wants a do-over ... using even more funds forcibly extorted from the taxpayers of Britain. But, of course, there is no do-over: even if he does ever get past his real problem, his body will now always be sexually mutilated.

Well, at least they're not talking about "solving" his problem via lethal injection, as was done last year to a "transsexual" woman in Belgium whose "sex-change" to pseudo-male didn't make her happy, after all.

Baby Born from Transplanted Womb -- A woman in Sweden gives birth to a healthy baby boy after carrying the child in a transplanted uterus for 32 weeks.

What this means is that hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) forcibly extorted from the taxpayers of Sweden were used to transplant someone else's uterus into this woman and keep her immune system from rejecting it long enough for her to carry a child (expensively conceived via IVT) to 'viability'. Which means that these same hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) forcibly extorted from the taxpayers of Sweden were not used for something of real medical benefit to anyone.

And they're planning more of this waste of resources.

Here (again) is a comment by the blogger 'Wintery Knight' explaining *why* socialized medicine does and must produce such monstrous and/or absurd results -- Wintery Knight: Doctor shortage: how Obamacare makes Americans lose their doctors
The problem is that when government controls health care, they spend the money on things that will buy them more votes. People who need expensive care like this definitely do not get treated. In government-run health care, government takes control of the money being spent by individuals on actual health care in the private sector. They then redirect that money into public sector spending on “health-related” services. Instead of helping people who are really sick, government-run systems cut lose those sick people and concentrate on buying perfectly healthy people things like condoms, abortions, IVF and sex changes. They spread the money around to more people in order to buy more votes. The main goal is to get the majority of people dependent on government so that they continue to vote for bigger government. The few people who need expensive health care? They can just go die in a ditch.