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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another Feminist ‘Success’ Story

These two items are related through the pious politically correct myth that being reared by a homosexual "couple" does no harm to children. Actually, of late, the leftists have ramped up the myth -- some of them are now asserting that being reared by one's *actual* Father and Mother is detrimental to children, and that being reared by a homosexual "couple" not only does no harm to children, but is beneficial to them.

The Other McCain: Another Feminist ‘Success’ Story -- "The Hill-Meyer family must be so proud of their son/”daughter,” but I’m pretty sure his/”her” lesbian mothers can relax and stop worrying that anyone might ever call them “Grandma.” The feminist success story concludes with a Darwinian dead end."

Nature, being truth, *always* wins.

The Other McCain: The Gay Hate Machine