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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This is *why* your great-grandmother didn't have the vote

Look at the sign that pro-abortionist is holding up --
Jonah Goldberg: Alito Agrees: Your Birth Control is Not Your Boss' Business


B. Prokop said...

You are correct, Ilion! According to the sign, her boss should have nothing to do with her birth control, which is exactly what Hobby Lobby was saying all along. Oh, the irony...!

(I wonder what the sign holder would have said, had you attempted to explain that to her?)

Ilíon said...

Are you sure that you, leftist that you are, feminist that you are -- as witness your recent hysteria over my (according to you and certain other XY-chicks) "sexism" -- really want to say that I am correct?

The point about the absurd-and-intellectually-dishonest "irony" of the pro-abortion reaction to this decision is Goldberg's. It's a good point, well expressed, and so I wanted to share it with my many readers.

But *my* point is that the irrationalism of the feminist response to the decision is a wonderful illustration of why, across time and space and culture, almost all societies have *explicitly* excluded women as a class having a public voice in the decisions of the society. And the reason for this exclusion is that women are, in general, irrational, and that their irrationalism, when given a public voice, quickly leads to societal death.

NOW, do understand, when I say that women are in general irrational, I most certainly am not saying that they are incapable of reasoning logically-and-rationally; I'm saying simply that they quite often don't, but rather choose irrationalism as a favorite means of getting what they want. And they don't reason logically-and-rationally -- they choose not to -- because we men keep trying to protect them from the consequences of their on-going decision to embrace irrationality to get what they want.

AND similarly, understand that I am not saying that men, in general, are inherently more rational then women. Rather, until a society becomes suicidally feminized (as ours has), men as a group don’t allow men as individuals to get away with choosing irrationality. Until a society is feminized, men don’t try to protect other men from the consequences of choosing irrationality. And even in a feminized death-spiral society such as ours, it’s not individual men using their own effort and resources trying to protect the irrational men from the consequences of their own choices; rather, it’s the amorphous collective, run by the feminized men and (cynical) rent-seekers who are using the coercive power of the state to this end.

But, what can’t go on won’t.

B. Prokop said...

Do not forget that I am a Catholic. As such, I acknowledge truth wherever I find it, simply because it is the truth - even if it comes from you.

The demonstrator's sign simply "demonstrated" that she had not thought her position through, and had failed to recognize its inherent contradictions.

And by the way, this entire issue would vanish like a puff of smoke were the USA to abandon our insane "get your health insurance from your employer" system, and move to something similar to the NHS that Britain has (which works quite well, as I can attest, having lived under it for several years).