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Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Would You Have Them Have Done?

RD Miksa: History: What Would You Have Done?

As I commented: "Exactly.

I have always despised the pig-ignorance – when it’s not intellectual dishonesty – of the anti-Crusadesers. I have upon occasion given thought to showing, as so many others have done, that the Crusades were not unjustified (but, rather were long delayed) and that instead it is the current leftist-inspired mind-set of slandering our cultural ancestors that is unjustified. You have written the post I’d like to have written … so I‘ll have to be content with linking to it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ilion,

I can tell you, the three points that I have very often found to be the case when discussing the Crusades with unbelievers are the following:

1) Apart from some slogan that they learned in high-school about the Crusades (like "Crusades bad!" or "Crusaders blood-thirsty murderers!") most people are completely ignorant about the very thing which they are so certain was a horrible and immoral event. And that is quite a toxic combination: historical ignorance combined with self-righteous certitude about the "evil" nature of the historical event that they don't understand.

2) Some unbelievers are not interested in the truth about the Crusades but just want to use it as a tool with which to bash Christianity.

3) When people are presented with the facts, or they are presented with an analogical situation to the Crusades, they suddenly seem to understand that such a response as the Crusaders took was quite justified. Funny that!

Take care,

RD Miksa