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Sunday, April 27, 2014


I still haven't watched any more episodes of 'The 100' than the pilot (which I critiqued here). Drew says it gets better, so one of these weekends I may try to catch up with it.

In the meantime, I recommend 'Survivors' as some good science-fiction/adventure/drama worth watching. The premise is at least plausible, the plot-line is (mostly) logical (*) (**) given the premise, and the characters are believable (***). Of course I can tear the plot-line apart; but my point is that it's not so terrible that I can't suspend disbelief.

Sure, the characters do stupid things -- which given their situation are really stupid and potentially fatal -- but their stupid behavior is pretty much what you would expect of the random survivors of a wild-fire flu which killed 99% of all human beings within just a week or so.

Plus, the show isn't simply a vehicle for Beautiful People Who Don't Know How To Stay Dressed.

(*) Overlooking the bit at the beginning where all the people in Britain (except the Survivors), and presumably the world, who hadn't yet presented symptoms nor already died die in a single night.

(***) Overlooking the bit at the end where the virus mutates and starts killing the Survivors whom it never affected in the least the first time around, whereas Abby Grant (and, as it turns out, her son), who *did* contract the flu, and almost died of it the night that everyone else died, and had recovered by the next morning, has the least to fear from it. Oh, sure, she may get sick, but she'll recover.

(**) Overlooking the bits in the middle where the characters just "move on" within minutes after the loss/death or departure of some character they've come to love and/or depend upon.