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Sunday, December 29, 2013

What's so great about Ilion's blog?

Recently, one of the God-hating leftists who infest Michael Egnor blog asked, "What's so great about Ilion's blog?"

In full, he said, " What's so great about Ilion's blog? His posts consist mainly of links. There are hardly any signs of intellectual activity there."

Think about this condemnation of me he offers -- because I think that others' thoughts are worth thinking about and are worth sharing with others, therefore, there are hardly any signs of intellectual activity here.

You just know that if I never posted anything but my own musings, he'd be condemning me for that ... and in the same terms.

Leftists, atheists ... they are almost always intellectually dishonest.


K T Cat said...

Can I just like your blog, be a friend and move on from there?


Ilíon said...

But, of course.

Crusader Rex said...

I think the cited comments on Dr Egnor's blog are symptomatic of an entire stream of thought that is pervasive today. A kind of superficial materialistic (philosophical), childish, malaise.
You could call it arrogance or give it some sort of Freudian label like mass-egomania, but I don't think what we see here could properly be described as an adult disorder.
Rather, I think it is quite the opposite and is evidence of something far more insidious.
I would suggest that this kind of 'you're not popular enough for this playground' attitude is the direct result of social engineering.
Specifically in the education systems. It is not a mistake, it is the desired effect.
Lastly, I would add that such silliness as the criticism (if it could actually rate as such) does not even have to be based on fact, as I noted in my own reply on egnorance.
The comments directed at you, Ilion have been also used against myself and my own dusty little blog.
I pointed out in both cases that the comments on a blog mean nothing for two principal reasons:
1. A blog is a log. It's purpose is not to market ideology, but to allow expression of ideas. For all sorts of reasons, surely. But expression is the key. Not reception or popularity.
2. The comments on a blog are not ALL on the blog itself. Many can be found elsewhere. Places like RSS linked social networking sites, email responses (mine have included some really choice death threats), and 'real life' interactions with people who actually KNOW the blogger and discuss what they have read in an actual face to face or phone conversation.
Then there are those who read and do not comment for one reason or another.
I am one such reader of this blog.
Not because I do not find the subjects interesting or engaging, but rather due to time constraints. Not enough hours in the day.
That said, I have been invited - and I think it only decent to pollute this little blog with my shiftless sophistry, cynicism, and wild speculations.
Thanks, Ilion.
Happy New Year to you and all your readers!

Ilíon said...

So, your blog is dusty, too?

In case it's not clear, the point of this particular post was to point at the attempted put-down ... and invite others to laugh at it.

Ilíon said...

CR, I have your blog in my bookmarks. It's just that you don't appear to write new posts that often and so I haven't developed that habit of checking it daily.

Well, also, there is the fact that the bookmark is on *this* computer (mine own, rather than at the office) and this one has internet access only when I bring it home for the weekend. During the week, I have internet access during lunch.

NJ said...

There is nothing wrong with your blog or the way you blog. I actually like your type of blog more than many that have long posts that end up saying nothing. I think you actually achieve a good balance here. And besides, even if the observation by this fool is true, there is nothing wrong with having posts that "consist mainly of links".

Keep blogging! Ignore the critics.

Ilíon said...

Thanks, Nick, and I intend to do so.