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Friday, October 26, 2012

'Liberal' 'logic'

"Liberal" "logic" is, of course, the antithesis of actual logic. Consider just this one simple example --

Everyone knows that there is -- and has been for as long as any of us has been alive -- a great deal of vote fraud in America. Further, everyone knows that it's the Democrats who do it systemically.

Everyone knows that when the Democrats propose tinkering with the election laws, it's always to make vote fraud easier ... because they expect to profit from it.

Everyone knows that when the Democrats throw tantrums every time the Republicans make modest proposals to make vote fraud more difficult, it's always because they consider vote fraud to be an important tool for "winning" elections.

So, here's today's example of "liberal" "logic" --

The Republicans have been moving over the past few years, and have been successful in many States, to require identification when a person show up to vote.

The Democrats -- predictably and dishonestly -- charge that the Republicans merely seek to "disenfranchise" "minority voters" (never mind that historically, that has been the bailiwick of “Progressives”, in general, and the Democratic Party, in particular). Then, they up the ante by claiming that there just isn’t enough vote fraud in the entire country to even justify commonsensical steps to reduce it (never mind the evidence of your own experience, which is that in any close election the Democrats miraculously discover “misplaced” “ballots” days, or even weeks, after election day).

At the same time, this year, the “liberals” and Democrats are bringing in UN interference to “observe” the American election. The UN!

So, on the one hand, the “liberals” and Democrats assert that there is no appreciable vote fraud in America. And, on the other hand, “liberals” and Democrats assert that there is so much vote fraud in America that we need UN observers (the UN!?) so as to keep our elections clean.

Since when did the UN have anything to do with clean politics?