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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Liberal Logic 102

Look at all these dishonest "liberals" calling Egnor a liar ... for showing their perversity --

Michael Engor seems to be enjoying the "Liberal Logic 101" site, which is understandable, as it so graphically illustrates the constant illogic of "liberal" beliefs and positions.

Recently, he posted another of their comments of the Sandra Fluke incident.

The "quote" on the 'Liberal Logic 101' image is "So can someone please explain to me what's so wrond about the government taking money at gunpoint from people who've choses to abstain from promiscuous sex in order to pay for my choice to engage in promiscuous sex?"

And why is Egnor a "liar" for linking to this succinct editorial? Because, apparently, in "liberal" "logic", when the government forces a private entity, say and insurance company or an employer, to subsidize or pay for -- under threat of government violence-unto-death -- the "contraceptive needs" of sexually promiscuous persons, that money isn't taken from anyone. Apparently, it just materializes from thin air. And, apparently, the threat of violence vanishes because the immediate target of it is "corporations".