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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'Above My Paygrade'

Victor Reppert: "... For me, loving people like that is, as Obama would say, "above my pay grade." It's tough enough for me to maintain an appropriate loving attitude toward people who behave rudely on Dangerous Idea (of all persuasions)."

I think I know what you mean (*) ... which, by the by, may just have something to do with a mild complaint aired in the penultimate paragraph of this post.

Victor Reppert: "... And to pretend that you have actually succeeded in loving people when you really haven't is worse than just hating their guts. Falwell makes a fool of himself, of course, when he pretends that he loves gay people."

Really? And you know this, how?

(*) In case the casual reader doesn't quite follow the point: I present reasons against the judicially-invented doctrine of 'judicial review'; left-wingers are against 'judicial review' only when they fear that for once it may not break in their desired direction. Mr Reppert pretends there is a moral equivalency between the two positions. I wonder, is there a succinct term by which one might denote such a pretense?