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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh! Those perfidious 'birthers'...

Apparently, even Mrs Obama is a "birther" --

Here is Mrs Obama, in 2008, referring to Kenya as Barack Hussein Obama's "home country" (see the :40 to :47 mark):

The fact is, none of us has any good reason to believe that Obama meets the Constitutional requirements to occupy the office of the Presidency, but we do have good reason to suspect that he does not.

Anyone who is not a “birther” proves thereby that he does not really care about the US Constitution. Anyone who mocks or disparages the “birthers” for simply asking for the relevant evidence proves thereby that he despises the US Constitution … and the citizens of the US.


James Nicholas said...

I wonder what she would have said if Barrack's HIV test had come up positive?

It is one thing to get a test when you are confident that you are negative. It is another thing entirely if there is a good chance you could be positive. The public show of testing was an empty act, as per usual. A bold step to combat stigmatism? How about getting off her high horse about the trials she has had to endure? A cush job at a major hospital making something like 300 K...for what? This isn't Michelle marching in Selma with fire hoses and Bull Connor's dogs out to discourage her. It is a life of privilege, largly on the back of being politically connected and getting mileage out of minority privileges.

This women is tiresome.

Ilíon said...

Of course; she's exceeding tiresome.

And, it seems, she's a "birther."

MathewK said...

I saw this the other day and yes, it's quite telling isn't it. Seems the birthers did have a case after all, unfortunately few give them much attention. Especially not in the MSM.

Ilíon said...

Having a case depends, of course, upon just what the "birther" claims are.

If the claim is that we already know that That Man does not meet the Constitutional requirements to occupy the office of US President, then the claim is too strong for the available evidence.

On the other hand, if the claim is the straightforward assertion of the simple and undeniable fact that we, the citizens and electors of the US, *don't know* that That Man meets the Constitutional requirements to hold the office of US President – and that that lack of positive knowledge is itself cause for grave Constitutional concern – then it’s quite a different matter.