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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I could be Cuban

This post is a follow-up to a previous post concerning "liberal" hypocrisy about the US Constitution and laws.

Many conservative bloggers (for instance, here) are analyzing (and/or mocking) a recently published example of "liberal" NYT hyperventilation about the newly enacted Arizona law concerning enforcement of the nation's laws about illegal so-called immigrants --
So what to do in the meantime? Here’s a modest proposal. Everyone remembers the wartime Danish king who drove through Copenhagen wearing a Star of David in support of his Jewish subjects. It’s an apocryphal story, actually, but an inspiring one. Let the good people of Arizona — and anyone passing through — walk the streets of Tucson and Phoenix wearing buttons that say: I Could Be Illegal.

My mockery -- and analysis -- of the "liberals" is this:
How about this as a response to the leftists and their "I could be illegal" pseudo-argument?

"I could be Cuban"
Would this not highlight their hypocrisy on the matter?

update --
Bob Parks: Pic Of The Day


MathewK said...

I think the whole Arizona thing proves beyond reasonable doubt what fascists liberals really are. If they hate the law so much, why not just tell all the illegals to come to their respective states. After all liberals aren't racist too are they.

Instead liberals can't stand that a state doesn't want to bend to their fascist will.

Ilíon said...

This is on a related note, as I don't want to create a new item just for this:

San Diego learns about 'blow-back' -- officials of some California cities had voted to boycot Arizona; I guess it never occurred to them that that can work both ways.