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Monday, December 28, 2009

Do They Really Want To Go There?

Do the "liberals" really want to compare Sarah Palin to a racist Democrat? ... and, really, when we get down to it, is there any other kind of Democrat?

Mitchell Hails Success of 'Obama Doctrine,' Palin's Wallace-Like Appeal 'Does Frighten Me'

Furthermore, as is their simple-minded wont, the "liberals" greatly misunderstand and misconstrue Wallace's appeal. Sure, Wallace was a racist (he was a Democrat, after all!); but, his racism was more a cynical pose-for-political-purposes than an in-his-heart-of-hearts erroneous belief ... thus, Wallace's racism was worse, morally, than that of most persons.

Still, Wallace's appeal was not due to his racism.

For instance … my parents wanted to vote for Wallace … but they also wanted to vote for Shirley Chisholm


Ken said...

“compare Sarah Palin to a racist Democrat” that’s nothing: PZ Myers likened Palin to Stalin:

The fact that he likens Joseph Stalin, the atheist Communist murderer of some 20,000,000 people, to Sarah Palin is disappointingly indicative of the manner in which PZ Myers concocts his arguments.


Ilíon said...

Hey there, Mariano! Welcome to my little blog (which no one knows about).

That PZ is such a hoot, isn't he? The things he comes up with! Why, one might almost think he's gunning for Dawkins' position as Pope of the 'Atheists.'