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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Unratified or Not

Those citizens who have been around for a while may recall that back in the day, conservatives and Christians warned that the ultimate purpose of the proposed (and amusingly named) Equal Rights Amendment was to erase all distinctions between men and women. Some examples of the outrages we warned would inevitably follow from it were: lowering of standards in the police and firefighting forces and military; men "competing" in women's sports; men freely entering women's restrooms and dressing rooms.

The pervertitarians and their feminist stooges poo-pooed us. Still, enough Americans were still *citizens* (rather than subjects) that the ERA was not ratified, despite all the rule-bending efforts of Our Moral And Intellectual Superiors.

Nevertheless, in recent years, and even without the ERA, the pervertitarians and their feminist stooges have managed to brow-beat a seeming majority of Americans into accepting as somehow just "facts of nature" the outrages and more of which conservatives and Christians warned.

And feminists, with their Great Concern for the Interests and Wellbeing of Women? Well, since feminism was *always* a vehicle to advance the interests of certain powerful (and generally perverted) men. today's feminists are either applauding the outrages against the interests of women, or are silent in the face of them, or are silenced if they are among the few who do venture a mild objection. But, hey! At least the "right" to murder babies is still sacrosanct!


K T Cat said...

This is simply the elimination of categories. Nouns are discriminatory.

Ilíon said...

Sure enough. But, ultimately it is a reflection of their hatred of being/existence ... and of Being Himself. Attempting to erase the distinction between men and women is an attempt to efface the Image of God (*), it is an attempt to erase God.

(*) another way to say "Image of God" is "Idol of God" ... so, it seems to me that destroying historical statues is another manifestation of trying to efface the Image of God.