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Friday, April 24, 2020

The Chinaman's Cough and me

I was a computer programmer my entire adult life. I've retired from that. Since last year, I've been working for a non-emergency medical transportation company (*), driving a wheel-chair van. Most of the people I transport(ed) are on dialysis, quite a few (whether or not on dialysis) are in nursing homes.

I was beginning to worry back in early March, both for my own safely, but even moreso for our clients. Back in those days, it was being reported that one might be infected and spreading spreading the virus for as much as two weeks before showing any symptoms oneself. My great fear wasn't that I'd catch it, but that I'd catch it and spread it without knowing I had it.

I had scheduled to be sure I wasn't working on Saturday, March 14; planning to go visit my family in Indiana. My sister called the afternoon of the 13th to suggest I delay the trip, in case I couldn't get gas for the return trip -- panic-buying hadn't yet hit my area in Ohio, and the various governments in the US had not yet announced that they were going to destroy the economy, but she suspected that that was on the way.

Then, that night, I woke up sick. So, I didn't go to work for the next week and a half. I was scheduled to work on Wednesday, March 25 -- one trip only (but the guy cancelled as I was on my way to get him): in that week and a half that I'd been home mildly sick, everything had crashed, and just about the only trips my company was still making were for dialysis.

Since there wasn't enough work for all the drivers, and since I can get by without the income from that job, I told them to give preference to drivers who need the income. So, for the next couple of weeks, they called me every day with the message that I wasn't scheduled to work the next day. Then, a couple of weeks ago, they shut down operations entirely ... until July 1 (or even later).

So, I haven't worked, or earned any money, since March 13. And, while I can get by without that income -- at any rate, until the economy collapses and destroys my IRAs -- I *had* budgeted for it, including that I'd not even need to touch the IRAs, but rather let them grow.

I don't *know* that I've already had the Kung Flu (if I did, for me it presented as a very mild flu) -- for, despite that they seemingly have a levy request at every (**) election (**'), the local Board of Health (as also the State Board) was utterly useless. The bureaucrats didn't even extend their hours ... which were already shorter than people with real jobs work.

(*) I could easily be earning 2 or even 3 times what they pay me were I to un-retire.

(**) At any rate, seemingly every off-election, preferably the primary. The only time a levy request is on the ballot during a general election is if it has previously failed to pass.

(**') Either: "This is not a new levy, so renew it!" or, "This new levy will cost the average homeowner only $.35 a day, so pass it!"


K T Cat said...

You're a good man, Ilion.

Ilíon said...

My county, with a population of @125K, is currently reporting 3 deaths from the Chinese Commie Flu. So, on the assumption that that number isn't inflated, can you see how terrified I am?

The county is reporting 186 "confirmed cases". I interpret that to mean that only 186 persons, of an unknown number who have contracted the virus, had symptoms severe enough that they sought medical intervention.

Can you see how terrified we all must be?

google search

Ilíon said...

From the local newspaper (it still exists?) on March 3, 2020 --

==MANSFIELD - In January alone, there were 530 cases of influenza documented in Richland County with 20 cases where people were hospitalized for the flu.

Reid Richmond, spokesman at Richland Public Health, said there were four deaths in January related to influenza or pneunomia in Richland County, according to statistics provided to the health department.

Did you notice that? In the single month of January, there were 4 deaths reported in this county as being due to the flu.

Meanwhile, in the nearly five months of this year, there are a total of 3 deaths being reported in this county as being due to the Commie Crud.

Did you notice that? In the single month of January, there were 530 documented cases of the flu in county.

Meanwhile, in the nearly five months of this year, there are a total of 186 documented cases of the Commie Crud.

No one lives in terror of the flu.

News Journal

Ilíon said...

I've seen reports such as this for several days --

PJ Media: Vaccine Development Threatened as COVID-19 Infections Decline

President Trump announced Operation Warp Speed, which is aimed at expediting the development and approval of an effective vaccine. This includes upending the traditional production of them. Top vaccine candidates will be manufactured in advance of demonstrating effectiveness so they will be available more quickly.
The Oxford vaccine is one of these candidates and AstraZeneca has struck a deal to produce the vaccine in advance of the conclusion of the human trial. This effort has been backed by $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer money. The goal is to produce 300 million doses by November of 2020.

However, Oxford researchers are now warning of an obstacle in the trial process. As new cases of COVID-19 are declining, they worry the data will not meet the hurdles to prove effectiveness. They are now placing the odds of a successful trial at 50%.

Think about all this --

==Top vaccine candidates will be manufactured in advance of demonstrating effectiveness so they will be available more quickly.==

1) That is a waste of resources, which are finite ... even the pocket of the American tax-payer is not bottomless;
2) However, IF the virus is as infectious and as deadly as we are constantly being told it is, the waste of resources is more than compensated by the saved lives;

== As new cases of COVID-19 are declining, [researchers] worry the data [from testing the various possible vaccines] will not meet the hurdles to prove effectiveness.==

CLEARLY, the virus is *NOT* as infectious nor as deadly as we are constantly being told it is.

Ilíon said...

"US Covid-19 Deaths per 100K as of 2020/05/25"

The red (i.e. > 100/100,000) of CT, NJ, NY, along with the higher numbers for MA and RI, is due to NYC.

Understand that that "> 100/100,000" is less than "200/200,000", else "> 200" would be the top range-band.

So, even in the worst-hit locales -- and ignoring the known facts that they both *actively* enforced policies which caused unnecessary deaths and also intentionally inflated the count of deaths -- fewer than 2 people of 1000 died of the Wuhan virus. And for most of the country, it's no more than a tenth of that.

"US Covid-19 Deaths per 100K as of 2020/05/25"


Ilíon said...

I worked (three minutes shy of) 6 hours today ... transporting *one* patient -- 2.5 hours to pick her up and get her to the appointment, 1 hour waiting while she was at the appointment, 2.5 hours taking her home and then driving back to the garage.

Three points --

1) The is Your Tax Dollars At Work -- rather than schedule her appointment at one of their locations local to her residence, the medical conglomerate sent her to one of their outposts three or four counties away from home.

And what do they care? It's not like the wasted expense comes out of *their* bottom line. Either: she will be paying the wasted time and resources; or, as is the case in this case, she will be paying the wasted time and "the government" (i.e. *your* taxes) will be paying the wasted resources.

2) This happens *all* the time.

3) When I was getting her back into the wheel-chair van, she told me that the personnel in the doctor's office had told her to remove the 'face-bra' she was wearing (as per the "rules" we have to follow during transportation), as it is giving her no benefit, and is, in fact, causing her active harm.

3a) Exactly right.

Ilíon said...

Yesterday, I went to take a woman to an appointment two counties away. When she answered her door, she told me that the appointment had been cancelled (and the office called me to tell me that as I was talking to her).

Now, get this -- she told me that the appointment was to have a Covid-1984 test done.

Think about this. Think about all the wasted time, effort and resources to transport this woman at least an hour each way ... just to take a swab.