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Saturday, July 20, 2019

And *why* would 'the Russians' protest?

Donald Sensing: Ukraine: Nazism equals Communism
Radio Free Europe reports what is basically a "Duh!" headline: "Ukraine's Constitutional Court Upholds Law Equating Communism To Nazism."
Ukraine's Constitutional Court has upheld a law that equates communism to Nazism and bans the dissemination of its symbols, a law that has prompted angry protests from Moscow.

In the July 16 ruling published on its website, the court said the "communist and Nazi regimes" used similar methods of "implementing repressive state policies."

"The communist regime, like the Nazi regime, inflicted irreparable damages to human rights because during its existence, it had total control over society and politically motivated persecutions and repressions, violated its international obligations, and its own constitutions and laws," it said.
The Russians have, of course, protested.

That Nazism and Communism were inherently contradictory is an invented, deliberate lie ...
And *why* would 'the Russians' protest?

Because the people who rule the Russian people are still leftists and statists ... and communists.


K T Cat said...

It also makes the Great Patriotic War a bit of a farcical tragedy.

Ilíon said...

I can't help but wonder whether the *Ukrainians* (and Russians, and Georgians, and Armenians, and Poles, and Germans, and Romanians, and Bulgarians, and, Czechs, and Slovaks, and South-Slavs, and ...) might not have fared better, over all, under the boot of the National Socialists than under the boot of the International Socialists.