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Monday, August 20, 2018

The One True Bureaucracy ... and Celibacy!

From the comments of K T Cat's post concerning recent revelations about the Lavender Mafia within the bureaucracy of the Roman denomination (here "Catholic Arguments Against A Celibate Priesthood") --

K T Cat: "Tim, I'm sure the requirement for celibacy is rooted in logic and derived from some solid first principles. Everything in Catholicism is."

I'll explain it to you --

1) it is a natural aspect of the psychology of (normal) human males to put the interests of his group ahead of his own interests, even to the point of sacrificing his life for the group;

2) when a (normal) man is married, his primary group naturally becomes his wife and children;

3) the bureaucrats of The One True Bureaucracy -- which base their absurd claim to universal dominion over the souls of mankind upon a deliberate mis-reading of a single verse -- require its priests to be unmarried for much the same reason that generals (and street-gang thugs) would rather their soldiers be young and unattached: it's far easier to turn that natural masculine instinct to serving *your* ends if there isn't a woman (and children) mucking things up.

lee: "Having been part of another religion with married clergy, there is no bigger pain in the backside, them and their family."

Yes, there is that, too.

Please understand, above I am explaining why the Roman denomination settled on a demand of celibacy of its priests; I am neither praising nor condemning the decision.


K T Cat said...

Thanks for the linky love!

Yeah, I admit there are pros and cons, but such is the nature of life as fallen creatures in an imperfect world. I've come to the conclusion that celibacy is simply impossible for almost everyone and I don't understand why we're choosing to smash the Catholic Church, the greatest human institution in the world, on something as ridiculous as that. When I go back and read the gospels, I hear a lot instructions from Jesus, but celibacy wasn't one of them. Why we've elevated it to the point of being a lethal time bomb for all of us is beyond me.

Nate Winchester said...

In his most recent book Jonah Goldberg also pointed out that there was apparently conflicts between the priest's family and church over inheritances so celibacy was just picked as a solution.

I could see a hybrid system. Let lower clergy marry but have the higher ups like Bishops and the Pope be celibate. Though i have no doubt that system will still get screwed up .

Ilíon said...

Indeed: back in the day, and especially prior to the development and widespread adoption of the legal concept of 'incorporation', church properties were legally/technically owned by this or that individual ... and such properties frequently came, mysteriously, to be inherited by his relatives.