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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Appreciating the Dems

I think that we conservatives ought to work harder to appreciate the Partisans of the Ass ... and their leftist puppet-masters ... for they perform a vital function in this ever-changing modern world: they supply consistency. Oh, sure, what they say today may contradict what they said yesterday, and almost certainly will contradict what they said the day before yesterday. And, sure, the "crisis" over which they are hyperventilating may change, and almost daily (as what does not?); but, whatever the "crisis" -- even if they have to manufacture it themselves (*) -- we can rest assured, and indeed take comfort in the fact, that the "solution" will never change: give the leftists life-and-death power over our lives and then everything will be fine. And for that consistency, we should appreciate them; for, after all, what other human endeavor has been this rock-solid over two and a half centuries?

(*) economic humor of the day -- Leftists have (both absolute and) comparative advantage in the manufacture of two staple commodities: crises and corpses.