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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Doubling Down

As best I can tell, this is Victor Reppert's response to my previous eviseration of his "argument" for why it is that he is *owed* "free" health insurance --
Here is the problem. Not even conservatives want to say that people should be able to keep all they earn. Money for defense in necessary. It it taken from people in exactly the same way that money for Medicare or socialized medicine is taken, through taxation.

The military protects me from ISIS. Medicine protects me from cancer. No conservative ever complains about a socialized military. They all complain about socialized medicine. Why? Protection is protection.
I'll blow this out of the water later; in the meantime, do bask in the Deep Thinks.


K T Cat said...

Who says anything about keeping all the money you earn?

Ilíon said...

No one; that insinuation-and-misrepresentation is just part and parcel of the intellectual dishonesty.