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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Shadow To Light: The Cult of Activism "Over the last few years, I have noticed a common thread among the influential, prolific, and/or very public activists – they are unemployed. And because they are unemployed, they seek money through their activism in the form of speeches, books, donations, etc. That’s how they support themselves."

The essential prerequisite of being an "activist" is the desire to "change the world." Or, to put that more bluntly (and more honestly) -- the essential prerequisite of being an "activist" is the desire to change other people ... coupled with the sure knowledge of how those other people need to live their lives.

So, given that, it's rather ludicrous, don't you think, to expect an "activist" to seek out and hold down an actual job to support herself (*)? Why, if an "activist" attended to her own business, however would she find the time to attend to yours?

(*) do you see what I did there?


K T Cat said...

Great point! I particularly like the fact that all those advocating activism assume that you are going to agree with all of their positions and your activism will amplify theirs. Not sure they want to see more activism from NRA members.