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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Quite accidentally, I happened to notice a comment (in this thread) on 'The Other McCain' blog made by 'Wombat_socho' (who has 'moderator' authority on the blog) --
His problem is going to be going somewhere else if he keeps up this nonsense. Birthers are obnoxious no matter what party they belong to.
to explain: 'Wombat_socho' is telling someone else that he is going to ban me from commenting on that blog ... because he doesn't like me presenting arguments (to the extent that one can do such in the commbox of a blog so organized) that Ted Cruz is not a natural born US citizen.

Now, what's ironic about this is two things:
1) At this very moment, 'The Other McCain' himself has become a minor cause célèbre amongst those who consider themselves to be conservative over having been banned from Twitter for presenting rational arguments against feminism, based on quoting what feminists actually say and do;
2) A number of the regular commenters on that blog have been quite vicious in their denunciations of me and in their "refutations" (you do see me rolling my eyes, don't you?) of my arguments -- you know, acting just like leftists almost always do when they encounter ideas that they do not wish even to rationally examine -- and 'Wombat_socho' has never once said anything about *that*.

Here is the response I posted to 'Wombat_socho' --
Two points:
1) How ironic is it that you threaten to ban me for stating truths -- and presenting arguments to support those truths -- that you do no wish to hear?
2) I am not a "birther"; I am a Constitutionalist.
But, go ahead and ban me if that's really what you need to do to create or maintain your safe space.
In fact, I'll probably save him the trouble, because I don't have time for fools.

On the bright side, I now have a free slot on my blogroll.