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Friday, November 6, 2015

Making History

Smitty at The Other McCain: PowerLine Laid Out On Fainting Couch Over Ben Carson USMA Story And Small Arachnid, But Mostly Ben Carson -- quoting 'American Elephant': "So, Ben Carson is now the first black presidential candidate in history to have his college records investigated by [the] media."

Wintery Knight (drawing on Ben Shapiro): Leftist POLITICO lies in order to smear black conservative Ben Carson

By the way, this episode provided Vox Day an excellent opportunity to display his intellectual dishonesty: Your "Get-Out-of-Racism-Free" has now expired -- He quotes Politico, knowing it's Politico, treating it as honest reporting rather than as a lying smear-job, and concludes: "I'm looking forward to hearing that Carson isn't a surgeon at all, but is actually a janitor at Mercy Medical in Baltimore."

Edit: and here is Vox Day doubling-down in a pretense of blamelessness ... you know, just like "social justice warriors" always do.


Nate Winchester said...

That 2nd one was also the post where he made it a LOT harder to ever defend him against racism with this line:

Also, unlike many, I do not find inspiration in black individuals who manage to do what white people have already done.

As someone in the comments pointed out, what Carson did was something NOBODY (white or black) had done.

And if you were to ask me what the definition of a racist is, I would list mine as: "Someone who makes assumptions (rather than check the facts) based entirely upon the skin color of the actors involved and that assumption turn out to be incorrect."

For a test case, notice how all those opposed to the movement say, "gamergators are all white men" (an easily disproven assumption). See? Racists.