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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lydia McGrew being Lydia McGrew

... or, in other words, acting the bitch because she can get away with it.

I'm reposting this here, because I don't expect it to survive there --
^ Having seen Lydia McGrew in action, more than once, I don't believe a word of what she is asserting about what she has deleted from Mike T's posts.

For instance, consider this post which she didn't "edit" ... and her response and characterization of it --

Mike T: "The activists are mainly SJWs from what I read. Don't offer them any words of wisdom. They need to get mugged by reality. That is just as true of the women as it is the men."

Lydia McGrew: "Bag it. No gloating over evil acts on my threads, even if they happen to clueless people and _you_ think they "had it coming." Not gonna allow that kind of stuff around here."

But, of course, her characterization of what he wrote is not just incorrect, not just false, but a lie. Either that or she's too stupid to read, and we all can see for ourselves that she's not stupid. Those are the only two options in this particular circumstance -- either she's stupid, or she's intellectually dishonest. The third (and last) potential option, ignorance, does not apply in this case, as everything he said is right there.

Now, back up just one post above Mike T's post I've quoted here --

Lydia McGrew: "Actually, before those predictions [that after European nationalists have dealt with the Moslem invasion, they may well turn on Christians, because many so-called Christians are *aiding* the invasion] come true, Mike T. (if they do), I anticipate that the foolishly kind Christians may get a nasty surprise when they are harmed by the very people they are trying to help. I strongly suggest that anyone going to "migrant camps" to help the poor refugees leave the women behind, that's for sure. And go armed if possible."

She should denounce herself. But she won't; she's a hypocrite.
And I was right: she deleted that criticism-and-demonstration of her high-handedness.

Look at her hypocritical whining later in the thread --
Lydia McGrew: "I gotta love how Bedarz restates my careful references to Middle Eastern Christians' possible support for Hezbollah as "not holding to the Zionist line." ..."

To those persons (number unknown, somewhere between 1-8) who bounced over to this blog post from WWWW before Lydia McGrew deleted the two comments I'd made to her post criticizing her high-handed behavior, might I suggest refraining from commenting on her new threads for a while? Of course, for her to learn any lesson from such an action, nearly everyone who comments on her threads would need to refrain from commenting, and that's not likely to happen.