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Thursday, December 11, 2014

An example of intellectual dishonesty

Gentle Reader may recall that while I sometimes link to him, I nonetheless have serious misgivings about Vox Day, due to his intellectual dishonesty when it suits him to be intellectually dishonest.

Here are two of his recent posts illustrating his intellectual dishonesty on politics --

Vox Day:They're not the good guys
Vox Day:Why the US embraced torture

Now, he *knows* that this joke of a "report" released by Senator Feinstein is just poison leftist "gotcha" politics. He *knows* that what she's calling 'torture' is nothing of the sort. He *knows* that the entire point of it is to "poison the well" for the incoming Republican Senate majority.

But, this "report" serves his purpose to:
1) demonize George Bush;
2) demonize those perfidious Jews neo-Cons who had such clout in the Bush II administration;
therefore, he will pretend it isn't a transparent leftist smear.

Here is Democratic Senator Bob Kerry -- no conservative, he! -- criticizing the "report" as a partisan disservice to America Sen. Bob Kerrey: Partisan torture report fails America

Here is Bruce McQuain (at QandO blog) discussing what's going on -- and of which Vox Day *knows* -- with this "report" Politics at its worst (update) -- Do note Mr McQuain's update at the bottom of the post.


K T Cat said...

I saw a headline today that said a Senate panel approved some kind of war resolution against ISIS. It's been so long since U-Boats sank ships within sight of our coast that such resolutions are practically without cost to enact. When someone like ISIS shows up in California and whacks an aqueduct or makes some hit-and-run attacks against the power lines that feed Chicago and we experience war first hand, will we still be so squeamish about "torture"?