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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another case of 'You are not your brain'

'News' at Uncommon Descent: Woman of 24 found to have no cerebellum in her brain
Although it is not unheard of to have part of your brain missing, either congenitally or from surgery, the woman joins an elite club of just nine people who are known to have lived without their entire cerebellum. A detailed description of how the disorder affects a living adult is almost non-existent, say doctors from the Chinese hospital, because most people with the condition die at a young age and the problem is only discovered on autopsy (Brain,

However, in this woman, the missing cerebellum resulted in only mild to moderate motor deficiency, and mild speech problems such as slightly slurred pronunciation. Her doctors describe these effects as “less than would be expected”, and say her case highlights the remarkable plasticity of the brain.
Such cases not only "highlight the remarkable plasticity of the brain" but *also* highlight the falseness of the atheistic/naturalistic claim that minds are explained by brains (as see here and here)