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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A curiousity

Isn't it curious that prominent sports stars are more concerned with seeing to the humiliation of that fool, Sterling (who, by the way, is a Democrat), than in being seen to object to the humiliation being heaped upon Don Jones for the thoughtcrime of not approving of Teh Ghey?

LeBron James to lead boycott in 2014-15 if Donald Sterling still owns Clippers

It looks to me like this LeBron James is a woman, for he seems to "reason" like most of them do -- by which I mean having the mindset of a junior-high girl, rather than that of a mature man (or woman) -- despite his alleged possession of a Y chromosome.

Donald Sterling didn't *harm* anyone -- I mean, other than via his long-time support of the "liberal" Democratic Party (which is to say, Historically Organized Racism) -- he merely expressed personal bigotry regarding blacks.

Meanwhile, Sports Inc, is going to stomp all over Don Jones and anyone else with the temerity to express a normal masculine antipathy to being forced to see on national television two so-called men kissing.

Where are the boycotts over this? Or, where are the other football players insisting that they, too, be fined and suspended? And, while he's a basketball player, where is Mr LeBron James; why is he not concerned about a *real* civil rights issue?

Michael Egnor: Coming out of the closet, pushing others back into the catacombs


Thordaddy said...

The "alpha black male athlete" is dead. Fully assimilated.