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Monday, November 11, 2013

'Liberal' political response to 'the will of The People'

Bob Parks: Bonehead Of The Day
Republicans Claim Historic Win In Annapolis Mayoral Race
Annapolis City Council considers stripping mayor’s powers
Flashback: MA legislature flip-flops on governor’s senatorial appointment power

Using Annapolis Alderman Ross Arnett and Massachusetts’ desire for one-party rule as precedent, maybe we should make the Virginia governor a “ceremonial” position until a Republican is reelected. That’s only fair, right Dems?
Since the Democratic Party went insane in 1968, they've been even worse about this sort of thing than they were before. This isn't just "dirty politics", this is leftism in action.

Keep this *always* in mind: leftists are always liars, scoundrels and hypocrites; you *can't* compromise with these people, about anything. You might as well be done with it and just cut your own throat.


B. Prokop said...

So who can you compromise with? Remember, you can only compromise with people you disagree with. So are you against compromise altogether? Seems so, since you've just ruled it out with "the opposition".