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Monday, June 17, 2013

Fantasies of the sexes

As surely everyone knows by now, the sexual fantasies of the two sexes (*) are quite different. Yet, there is a commonality, at least with respect to the most common fantasy of the sexes.

One of the most common fantasies of women -- it may even be the hands-down winner -- is the "rape" fantasy. Though, it's generally a strange sort of "rape", in that the "rapist" is utterly desirable in himself ... and that she is ultimately in total control of the "relationship".

In contrast, men never fantasize about raping women -- the idea fills us with horror. What men *do* fantasize about -- and this is without doubt the most common sexual fantasy of men (**) -- is not even having to put any effort into "getting laid".

So, here is the commonality between these two seemingly opposite fantasies -- women fantasize about being so sexually desirable that a (sexually desirable) man simply cannot/will not take "No" for an answer; whereas men fantasize about being so sexually desirable that a (sexually desirable) woman simply cannot/will not give "No" for an answer.

In other words, what both sexes are fantasizing about is being so sexually overwhelming -- of being so powerful, with the power being expressed in terms of sex -- that members of the opposite sex cannot control themselves around them. But only sexually desirable members of the opposite sex: for women don't fantasize about being "raped" by "creeps" or "losers"; and men don't fantasize about having "dogs" or "porkers" throw themselves at them.

Which is to say, the two common fantasies aren't so different, after all.

(*) Sorry, "liberals" and other leftists, but there are exactly two sexes amongst humans.

(**) Leftism, in its feminism guise, promised to make this fantasy reality -- and most men, the fools!, took the bait, willfully ignoring the payload, which is the leftists' intention to destroy marriage, and the family -- and men's roles as husbands and fathers, their roles as the heads of their families -- and ultimately to destroy our existing society.