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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Million Normal Human March

Lawrence Auster: The Million Normal Human March -- Hatrz!

I guess people -- even French people -- just don't like going where "liberalism" and socialism dictates they must. Now, if only they would allow themselves to see all the way through the cynical marketing and pious mythology of leftism at its core.

... In short, the Great Silent [French] Majority has suddenly shown—which it has never done before—that it opposes the ongoing destruction of Western society in the name of equality, and it has done so in the most decisive manner. What if the Great Silent Majority, in all the Western countries, expressed itself similarly on mass immigration, on Islamization, on mandated diversity, on sexual libertarianism, on feminism, on the unearned elevation of blacks and the unearned demonization of whites, on massive transfers of wealth to aliens, illegal aliens, and professional dependents, on the Soviet-like media, on the transgressive and nihilist mass culture? The suicide of the West could be reversed.
Yes, as a matter of logic and possibilities, even now, the on-going suicide of the West could be halted. But, don't count on that to happen.

The problem has never really been the "liberals" and other leftists, but rather the problem is that those who thnk themselves conservative or traditionalist just don't give a damn (*) about the leftist's gnawing away at all the foundations of society and polity.

(*) I intend to post a bit about a small example of this recently encountered.