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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Paramilitarized Bureaucracies

Mark Steyn: The Paramilitarized Bureaucracies -- I don't have the time to fish out any of the gems, but as always, it's well worth reading the whole thing.


JC said...

It should be remembered that America has always been ruled by its wealthiest class - unlike Western countries which have become democracies. The American military-industrial complex was very much inclined towards fascism, and only reluctantly supported war against Germany - it could make more money in a war. The Kennedy dynasty for instance was overtly pro-Nazi before they became allies of the Mafia. So America is rather like Nazi Germany. Its permanent occupation of other countries exhibit great similarities to Nazi-occupied Europe - or Soviet occupied for that matter. Nothing will change until America become a real democracy. That won't happy under an ancient and dated constitution which gives so much power to an elected "King" and a government system based on patronage and political machines.

Ilíon said...

Oh, please!

Spare us the leftist bilge.