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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Most 'conservatives' ... aren't

Michele Malkin: The abysmal incompetence of the non-Romneys; Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry all go Occupier; Santorum declines

As I keep saying, very few persons, whether politicians or regular citizens, who think themselves 'conservative' really are -- most self-identifying 'conservatives' are "unprincipled liberals", in much the same way that most self-identifying "liberals" are (using Lawrence Auster's apt terminology) "unprincipled leftists".

The "unprincipled" means this: the "liberal" accepts the premises of leftism, or most of them -- he just doesn't care for, at any rate not yet, some of the destinations to which those premises logically lead. So, to avoid (for now) a particular (currently) unwelcome conclusion of the premises from which he starts, he makes an "unprincipled exception" to those premises; that is, he asserts an exception to those premises, which exception cannot be ground in those same premises or the principles of them. And, thus, when the socio-political winds blow -- when the leftists who are pulling his strings -- decide that now it is time for that particular (currently) unwelcome conclusion to be affirmed, the "liberal" always caves; for he has no principled reasons upon which to oppose the conclusion.

Likewise, most 'conservatives' are "unprincipled liberals" in similar manner; and they always cave to "liberalism" for a similar reason: they have no principled reasons upon which to oppose "liberal" conclusions.

As I keep telling Gentle Reader: if you say you are conservative, and you do honestly wish to be conservative and to work against the on-going and intentional leftist scheme for the destruction of America, then you *must* learn to recognize the "liberalism" in which you have been marinated your entire life, and reject it utterly.