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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well, Gentle Reader, it seems that nearly all the bloggers in the world are currently running donation drives. Not wishing to be the very last to jump on the bandwagon, does it not it behoove me to do likewise?

Yet, how is this to work? I have no PalPal account ... nor would I want one!

I suppose that my lackeys and minions who wish to remuneratively express their appreciation for all the wonderful content that they find here shall have to, somehow, discover how to snail-mail such appreciation to me.

Or, just post a thoughtful comment that engages some post or other. That works, too.


Eric said...

Well not all the bloggers. The overwhelming majority who ask for funds are the evangelical or creationist/ID sites.

It doesn't seem to occur on atheist or scientific sites though.

Why do you think that is?

Crude said...

Because you just pulled that statistic out of your ass?

There's a thoughtful comment for ya, Ilion!

Ilíon said...

Eric, I really don't care for fools. If you wish to continue posting on my blog, don't be a fool.

Eric said...

Ilion and Crude, I did not proffer any statistics. Through an equal number of visits to sites sitting both sides of the fence, I have observed that creationist and evangelical sites often have a link for donations and sometimes even requests. This is rarely found on evolutionary/ anti-creationist sites.

There is nothing foolish about this, it is a valid observation.

Crude said...

When you say that "the overwhelming majority" of bloggers who ask for funds "are evangelical or creationist/ID sites", yes - you're 'proffering statistics'.

And I offered a perfectly valid observation: You pulled it out of your ass. Trying to walk some bizarre line after the fact where it's just your personal anecdotal experience won't de-assify* your comment.

(*Using scientific terminology here, since I suppose I'm doing science right now.)

Eric said...

I'll bet I'm closer to the truth than you are, even if I did 'pull them out my ass'.

If you wish to be scientific perhaps you could try pulling your head out of yours.

Crude said...

Oh, you think you're right even though you have no data to back yourself up. Well, that makes it all okay then!

Bwahaha. Sorry, Ilion. Not exactly the intended outcome of this post, I'm sure, but I couldn't resist.

Eric said...

Prove me wrong

Drew said...

lol @ this post. I saw the Thoughtful Housewife asking for money recently and I thought it was lame as hell. For crying out loud. We're supposed to be providing a SERVICE, doing God's work and all (or at least doing the dignified thing and posting ads).

I'm kinda wondering if you're doing this to satirize the tipping thing...

SE said...

Eric, I haven't seen any evidence that Christian blogs ask for donations more than atheist ones.

Just through my own surfing, it looks like sites of all types ask for contributions.

It doesn't seem to occur on atheist or scientific sites though.

You mean sites like prominent atheist blogger John W. Loftus' Debunking Christianity? He's been displaying a PayPal donate button for as long as I can remember.

The Phantom Blogger said...

I think that Ilion's post is based on the fact that Lawrence Auster at View from the Right and Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife have both asked for donations at the same time.

I'm not sure if there are any others asking for donations at the moment.

Ilíon said...

This isn't about anyone in particular (and certainly not about Mrs Wood).