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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You will not believe this!

Toronto woman sues [phone carrier] after her affair is exposed


Crude said...

I found the article interesting. Particularly the complaints on the woman's part that her life had been ruined and she "didn't deserve this". She didn't deserve to have her affair exposed?

Not to defend a company's willful or accidental violation of privacy, of course. But this is one of those rare times where a company does something thoughtless, and yet it seems hard to be too upset with them. Almost like a man having a car accident due to a manufacturer defect, but at the time he happened to be eluding police on a high speed chase after a bank robbery.

Ilíon said...

I expect that in her little world she didn't deserve to find out that she didn't own her husband, after all.

How much do you want to bet that this woman ... and most women are like this, so you might as not even bet against it ... was one of those who sees privacy in marriage as a one-way street, in which he neither has nor deserves privacy. And, this woman obviously sees the whole marriage itself as a one-way street meant to "validate" her self-importance.

I don’t believe the company did anything wrong, nor that they violated her privacy. Look, it seems to me that her account being “separate” was a billing fiction – if it really had been a separate account, it wouldn’t have folded so easily into the family account when he purchased new services.

Crude said...

What I'm curious about actually isn't related to the company much at all. It's the idea that this woman has standing because 'her life was ruined', but whatever harm came about did so specifically and only because her affair was exposed to her husband.

I mean, what if this was just some friend of the family who told her husband after finding out somehow? Does she think she should be able to sue them as well?

Also - how does the husband feel about all this? Was HIS life harmed by what she did? (I know, the answer is obvious.) Should HE have standing to sue HER? Or, for the more lawyerly people, should he have standing to sue the company? I could just imagine that.

Ah well. Crazier and crazier world.