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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Carbon Sequestration ... and Duct Tape

John J Miller, on NRO's 'the Corner' blog, posts: Liberal Rebranding Watch
"Cap and trade" is more like "bait and switch." Reuters:
Like a savvy Madison Avenue advertising team, senators pushing climate-control legislation have decided to scrap the name "cap and trade" and rebrand their product as "pollution reduction targets."

UPDATE: E-mailbag, showing that certain kinds of Republicans are playing this game, too:
I recently got a letter from Senator Lindsey Graham with this incredibly dense statement. "there is no question we have an obligation to reduce carbon pollution"

his letter is here
With respect (*) to politicians trying to rebrand “cap and trade” by insisting that we need to "reduce carbon pollution" to attain "pollution reduction targets" ... might we suggest to them that an excellent carbon(-dioxide) sequestration kit can be inexpensively put together from a sturdy plastic bag of a certain size and about 24 inches of duct tape? And might we suggest to them to experiment with it?

My question is a continuation of a thought explored here

OK. Just in case I'm not being clear enough ... I'm thinking that these politicians can solve their problem, and ours, if they will just place their heads into a sturdy plastic bag and seal it to their necks with the duct tape.

(*) and what more respect does the typical politician need or deserve?


Wakefield Tolbert said...

This is what I meant. More goverment glop. As I told someone before, it is less about climate and science than about government and power.

Same issue with the so-called "health care" debate.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

Oy, forgot to click the follow-up button.

Now the Plan is comlete..

(Mewaw ha ha ha ha!)

Ilíon said...

Turning the URL W.T. posted into a clickable link

Wakefield Tolbert said...

Mr. Smarty Blogpants! I was in a hurry!

Getting New School on us, eh?

Except that people often don't even bother with the clickable embedded hyperlinks, but for some reason, they'll get their lazy fingers around the link and copy and paste for darn certain.

Wakefield Tolbert said...

...just kidding..

Ilíon said...

Of course.