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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


People sometimes accuse me of being egocentric ... apparently, the accusation is supposed to be a show-stopper. However, as near as I can tell, the assusation typically boils down to: "Waaa! Why are't you bowing to my obvious superiority!?"

Anyway, when accused of being egocentric, I frequently reply, "Not at all! In truth, I am Iliocentric."

So: the name of this blog (*) -- Iliocentrism: a blog about things of interest to Ilíon (**).

(*) and assuming that I put in the effort to consistently blog, which may be a huge assumption.

(**) My Christian name is 'Troy;' the name 'Ilíon' is an allusion to the name of the ancient city we English-speakers call 'Troy.'


Shackleman said...

I'm THRILLED (no sarcasm) that you've finally done this!!! I'm very much looking forward to reading your blog.

It's already been bookmarked.

Congratulations on taking the plunge. The blogosphere will be greatly enhanced and *entertained* by your addition!

Ilíon said...

Well, thanks. And no sarcasm.

This could be a real pain -- the blogging software didn't notify me of your response. I discovered it only because I was rechecking the perment "About 'Iliocentrism'" link I'd added to the main page.

Clearly, I incorrectly assumed that as author I'd be getting notifications of responses (were there ever one).

Shackleman said...

I'd guess so too. There's got to be setting somewhere.

Ilíon said...

That's a relief; I found the setting.

Ilíon said...

Unfortunately and annoyingly, Hotmail is flagging the notification asa potentially dangerous. Grrrrrrr

Victor Reppert said...

Aren't we going to end up with a whole lot of iliosyncratic ideas?

Ilíon said...

It's quite possible ... except that, undisciplined as I am, the "lot" part may not hold.

cathy said...


This is absolutely the best new word I've encountered since "pointificate." *

* verb. To underscore the unassailable nature of one's assertions by stabbing the air in the direction of the listener.

Ilíon said...

I've never before heard of 'pointificate.' Thanks for making me aware of it! I hope I can remember it if an appropriate situation to use it ever arises.

The whole truth said...

troy, you ARE egocentric, and a bloviating fool.

proof for god said...

Where is your form of the Argument from Reason found, or the one that has similarities to AFR? thanks, mike

Ilíon said...

Welcome to my dusty little corner of the interwebs.

My version of the AfR is here: You Cannot Reason -- mind you, this is a somewhat overview of the argument. What I mean is, I could (and ought to) expand upon it, yet it is all there.

This post, The First Question, lays some groundwork for the argument. It's purpose isn't to even attempt to answer the question of whether God is, but rather to show that:
1) contrary to the claims of the so-called agnostics, the question can be answered with surety;
2) it's impossible to live life without either actually asking and answering the question, or *assuming* an answer.

In this post, I'm not the only one, I comment upon Mr Tom Peeler's presentation of an AfR over at Uncommon Descent.

Please, if have questions about my presentation of the argument (including if you think I've made an error), do not be shy about asking.